Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open mic with Steve Mueske - poet

On Desire 
If I could burst into bloom, red
with the rose of it, with the rise and swell
of it, called into being through
the deep green, and trembling with light, 
I might understand.  If I knew
how light touches water
with a tracery of trees, gifts
the world as it is not, I might know
why I am not a rose or water or light
but a man who suddenly believes 
in withcraft.  What else
but this hollowing fire, this mark
of the thaumaturge, could make
the wild heart, so like a bird, thrash
in its cage?  Imagine rain and wind,
portrait of tempest with shed: shivering
silvers of wood, the whole structure
in danger of imploding.  Here under
a black sky swirling with clouds
I am ready to be unmade.  The air
is charged and blue, and my hands
are burning with light.
- Steve Mueske

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