Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Artist info - Lynn Speaker

Artist Statement:
Lynn has developed a process of image making that utilizes gunpowder as a medium.  this work is an extension of her exploration of elemental 'drawing' materials, such as fire, smoke, natural earth pigments and charcoals.  She is examining through this process, the primal qualities of mark making in a contemporary context.

The images are a record of an active event, capturing the residual effects released by the burning object.  It is a transformative process that explores the alchemic element of fire.  The ephemeral images remain as a memory, recording subtle shifts in movement and intensity and are a reflection on our own temporal nature.  The use of fire and organic form, in the images, parallel the cycles of renewal and loss.

Lynn received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  She is a recipient of a 2007 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant and a mentor in the Women's Art Registry of Minnesota Mentor Program.

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