Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gallery hangs first print and the Ice is out at Madeline Island

Well the ice is out and the ferry is running between Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island.  That means work has picked up it's pace and we're working on getting the gallery ready for the May 16th opening.  The ice flows and small ice bergs are fun to watch as the ferry slips though them and the lake's blue waters (really cold waters) are open.

This is the first print hung in the gallery, I was getting tired of looking at all the bare white walls and just had to put something up...

Here's the freshly primed back to the building that has been prep for painting, this week we're finishing the prep work and hope to be painting next week.  Decks get started next week also...

Yes, I do get a few minutes free, drink coffee, lots of coffee and am collecting drift wood for a sculpture I have designed for the front of the gallery.

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